Thursday, January 13, 2011

30 Things to Do Before I'm 31

Since it's now a week before my 30th birthday, I think it's a really good time for me to set some goals for the upcoming year. I've seen this on a few different blogs and think it's a great idea.

So here it goes... my 30 before 31:
  1. Exercise 4 times a day (*edit - a WEEK :) ... I'm not that hardcore*) - I got EA Sports Active for Christmas, hopefully I can keep it up!
  2. Find a job in Baltimore
  3. Make all homemade Christmas presents
  4. Get an iPhone
  5. Finish the teardrop
  6. Attend an out-of-state Tear Jerkers rally
  7. Buy more local produce
  8. Have a party at the house
  9. Knit my first scarf - in the works!
  10. Go to New Zealand
  11. Design a cross stitch chart
  12. Take a personal day off of work for myself and RELAX
  13. Complete my footware photo project
  14. Spend less time on the internet at work
  15. Install new AC in the house
  16. Insulate under the house
  17. Make an article of clothing for myself
  18. Buy a new "fancy" camera
  19. Make a rug
  20. Transfer childhood recordings to digital - I've been wanting to do this for years
  21. Learn 1 new craft
  22. Yarn bomb something
  23. Take a class at the Arts Center
  24. Learn to play the mandolin
  25. Learn to surf
  26. Rearrange the living room
  27. Simplify the house - downsize!
  28. Donate unused clothing and shoes to a charity - downsize!
  29. Grow a beautiful garden
  30. Don't stress over little things - focus on the positive and live a happier life
I think most of these goals are attainable. I can't wait to cross things off the list!

What are your goals for the new year?


Shira said...

GREAT goals Kate, and a great idea to write them for the world to see - can I borrow your idea and follow suit on moltenchocolate? Good luck! Especially on the working out 4 times A DAY thing!! (please tell me that is a typo) xoxox Happy birthday!

Kate+IceCream said...

Hahaha - I meant a week!!! :) But go for the goal list! I'd like to read them. And happy birthday to you too! I didn't send you knitting needles this year :(

Rowyn said...

No. 20 is a great idea. My sister got my Grandfather's tape recordings of us as small children put onto CD about 8 years ago - it's priceless! (Although, hard to listen to without crying).