Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Progress on the Cigar Box

See, I told you I was working on it!

This has just been the never ending project (2 years and counting). I keep getting distracted by other new and shiny projects. But I sat down this weekend and got a good bit done - the Habana label and the crest above it. It really is slow going with all of those 1/4 stiches. Phew!

We'll see how much more I get done because I've already got the next project layed out... it was only a matter of time :) And I can validate doing it because we need it for the teardrop. I'm going to stitch the Prairie Schooler's All You Can Eat for the galley. Which means I need to get cracking so we actually have a place for it to go. We're getting to the stage where we need to start working on the design and space is limited. I'm thinking right above the roll top bread box :)

Have a great week!

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