Monday, December 20, 2010

Those Fish Have Teeth!

I did some good work on All You Can Eat this week. All that's left is the border then on to framing. My plan is to put this in the galley of the teardrop permanently. I'd like to shrink wrap it before I frame it. You know, like a piece of meat? Nice and tight. I think that might be better than contact paper. I think the glue in the contact paper might eat the piece over time.

Any ideas?

Also, I just wanted to give an update on the magnet menu that I posted two weeks ago. In the time we've been using the menu to plan out our weekly dinners, we've saved about $40-50 a week on groceries!! I can't believe how much overspending we were doing before. You just buy what you plan to eat. No impulse spending, no wasted food at the end of the week! Tough Economic Times, I think I just kicked your butt :)


Sara said...

I love this. Is there a pattern for it?

Kate+IceCream said...

It's a Prairie Schooler chart. You can get it here at ABC Stitch Therapy. The other charts it comes with are great too.

Sara said...

thank you!