Monday, April 20, 2009

I Know, I Know

Like I said before, I haven't posted anything in a long time. And for good reason. Blogger is blocked at work!! How dare they! So, of course, I can't get to my Dashboard to post any new entries. But worst of all... I can't keep up with your blogs! Anytime I try to view a Blogger blog I get prompted for a system password about 20 times. Click, click, click, click, etc. It's endless. Eventually the page loads but I know that a million little warning lights are going off up in IT. I'm just going to have to move all of my internet aspirations to "home time".


So there's the rub - sad but true. I'm going to try my hardest to keep up with posting - because I'm sure you all know that I am definitely still creating. It's just hard to go from sitting at the computer all day at work to sitting at the computer in my free time. If there are lapses here at Kate + Ice Cream take a look over on my Flickr for the latest happenings.

Now on to the good stuff...

Tiny-bama is finished!!
This awesome chart by Subversive Cross Stitch is a re-working of Shepard Fairey's iconic "Hope" poster from Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign - just in case you've been living under a rock :) I wanted to do something a little different with it so I stitched it over one on 32ct white linen and changed the colors around a bit. The resulting awesomeness is about 1.25in wide x 2.5in tall. I framed it using a very presidential portrait-y frame I found at Michaels in their SnapShot collection. I love the clash between the intricately traditional frame and graphic poster. So you get a real idea of size...

Now that Obama is finished I plan on revisiting some things that I put to the side: (1) Hallow Sampler, (2) TIAG's The Auction, (3) a special project that I'm working on for a friend.

Stay tuned! And don't forget to check the Flickr!


Donald said...

Hi Kate. I know you haven't posted in a while but I thought you might be interested in a new ice cream study that Franchise Direct that we have published on ice cream franchises. Good times for ice cream!

Shira said...

Hi Kate! Your fans miss you! Are you working on any Halloween crafts?! did you finish your amish crosstich yet?